This is a collection of my work that I am finally sharing with the world. I hope you enjoy it and return for more, much more will follow. For now, please enjoy!

Space Oddyssey

This is one of my favorite pieces. It's a drum 'n' bass journey into space.




A newer piece, a mix of melodic, hard hitting and floating piano pieces over a smooth, chill beat.


Take You Higher

This an older piece but one that has a hard hitting, timeless sound for breakbeat and electro fans. Check it out you'll see what I mean. 


 Worse Than Dogs

This is an older, more experimental and boldly stated piece. It has tones from the civil rights movement in the 60's that are very much still relevant today. This one deserves a good listen.


Deep Down Inside

This is an ambient piece from a few years ago that I imagined traveling throughout my mind, body and soul. It is a long piece, warned!